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Lifelong Learning – Stay Curious for Brain Health

lifelong learning

By Katta Mapes, Realtor® SRES


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The vibrant and diverse educational landscape in the Tucson area in Arizona, presents a wealth of opportunities for seniors looking to enrich their lives through continued learning and exploration. As we age, it is crucial to keep our minds sharp and engaged, and engaging in new activities and educational experiences can have significant benefits for brain health and overall well-being.


Curiosity is a powerful tool that drives us to seek out new experiences, ask questions, and learn more about the world around us. Research has shown that curiosity not only helps us stay mentally sharp but also contributes to improved memory, better problem-solving skills, and enhanced overall cognitive function as we age. By staying curious and open to learning, seniors can actively promote brain health and maintain cognitive vitality well into their golden years.


As we age, it is essential to keep our minds sharp and engaged through continued learning in senior education classes. Luckily, local offerings include a wide array of classes and learning programs tailored specifically for seniors looking to continue their education, discover new hobbies, or simply stay active and socialize all life long.


Here are some options (click on the blue link to get to the web page for each)


Pima Council on Aging


PCOA is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping seniors in the community, offers a variety of educational opportunities for older adults. From computer basics to watercolor painting classes, there is something for everyone looking to learn and grow in a supportive environment.


Pima Community College


PCC has several campuses around the Tucson area. Senior students who are 55 and older who are Arizona residents can receive a 50% discount on tuition for credit classes. As a lifelong learner you can study for a degree or take classes on topics that interest you.


Pima County Natural Resources, Parks & Recreation


Seniors taking any classes here will also get access to special arts and crafts studios and equipment. See the website for information about activities and how to become an instructor.


Senior Planet


This free online program for seniors age 60 and more offers a variety of informational classes plus many fitness classes. When you find a senior class you like and add it to your calendar it adjusts for your time zone and show the Zoom link to get to the class.


The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Arizona (OLLI-UA)


The University of Arizona sponsors this program which has several different campuses where you can take special interest classes and teach them as well all designed for lifelong learners.


TMC for Seniors


The TMC for Senior web site says, “TMC for Seniors offers FREE programming that includes wellness education, socialization opportunities, exercise, support groups and much more.” It is offered by the Tucson Medical Center (TMC) for seniors, obviously.


Tucson Parks and Recreation



In addition to low-cost classes the city also offers community events and the Senior Olympics Festival. Seniors who live outside of the Tucson city limits pay a bit more than Tucson residents. You can also offer to teach classes here.


Local museums and other attractions often have classes for people of all ages to enjoy. Also, look for a plethora of online classes on YouTube.


Remember, curiosity is a key driver of lifelong learning and plays a vital role in promoting brain health as we age. By staying curious, engaging in new experiences, and pursuing educational opportunities, seniors in the greater Tucson area can enhance their cognitive abilities, foster social connections, and lead fulfilling and enriched lives in their later years. The wide array of classes provides seniors with numerous avenues to satisfy their curiosity, expand their horizons, and support their brain health well into their golden years.


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