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Explore Your Financial Security with the Elder Index

Updated: May 2

Senior pinching pennies

By Katta Mapes, Realtor® SRES


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The Elder Economic Security Standard ™ Index (Elder Index) is a valuable tool developed by the Gerontology Institute at the University of Massachusetts Boston, aiming to calculate the income required for us older adults to maintain our independence and dignity as we age. For Realtor®s like me who specialize in senior real estate, understanding the Elder Index is crucial in serving the unique housing needs of older clients. By aligning housing choices with the income thresholds outlined in the Elder Index, a Realtor® can assist seniors in making informed decisions that support their overall well-being.


Financial Security with Elder Index.

The Elder Index sheds light on the economic challenges faced by many of us older adults, especially those living on fixed incomes or limited retirement savings. It serves as a benchmark for seniors looking to downsize or find suitable housing options in their retirement years, helping them assess the financial implications of their decisions. For real estate professionals, knowledge of the Elder Index allows us to tailor guidance and support in transactions involving seniors, ensuring that housing choices align with seniors' financial needs and goals.


The Elder Index's focus on the cost of living for seniors includes housing, healthcare, food, transportation, and other basic necessities, providing a realistic picture of the economic challenges faced by older adults across different locations. By using the index, seniors can evaluate their financial resources against their basic needs to ensure they maintain a decent standard of living. This information is particularly valuable for seniors contemplating downsizing, relocating, or accessing additional support services.


Incorporating the Elder Index in real estate transactions can lead to more informed and supportive services for older clients, ultimately fostering a retirement experience characterized by dignity, stability, and financial well-being.


You can use the index to explore your own personal financial situation at this link:



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